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about us

the way nature intended it

Earthculture Landscape Design & Construction has been operating successfully in the creation of naturalistic gardens for over 20 years in and around the inner and outer South East Suburbs of Melbourne, The Dandenong ranges, Yarra Valley and Surf Coast. The team is directed by Darren Cooney who began the business in Melbourne after acquiring extensive knowledge in landscape design and construction techniques whilst building gardens in Portsea and Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula.  

Prior to his career change to the landscape industry, Darren worked as a business developer in the Post production and IT markets and therefore understands the need to keep the channels of communication open with clients at all stages of the project.  Secondly, with a qualification in Graphic Design, every landscape contains the essential elements of design needed to produce a garden that contains depth, texture, colour and space. 

Being deliberately kept as a small business of a single team of workers, each landscape is undertaken as a sole project and therefore receives the full attention and care of the whole team including the director. This allows for development of great personal relations between the client and the team. We believe this to be essential considering the amount of time spent at a client’s property.

At every stage of the garden’s development, the clients’ requirements of the garden are constantly considered. We also encourage plenty of input from the client. At the end of the day it is you who will enjoy the future of your garden.      

Our Philosophy

The trend towards inner city and urban living moves towards a more demanding way of life that is further detached from our natural surroundings. Due to work commitments, new housing developments and higher density living, we are finding the tranquillity and serenity that nature provides increasingly moredifficult to immerse ourselves in on a regular basis.

We all know the sense of peace and relaxation felt when we are surrounded by nature. The burbling sound of a small mountain stream. The shady reprieve from the harsh sun as you sit beneath a beautiful tree on a hot summer day. Waking in the morning to the chorus of bird song and looking upon a natural scene through your bedroom window. Enjoying a relaxing stroll to admire the diversity of foliage and seasonal flowers as the sun dips in the sky after a hard day, or the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, or alone, away from the pressures of everyday life in the city and its surrounds.

These are scenes that most would relate to a weekend retreat in the mountains or the once yearly holiday down by the coast. There is no doubt that these environments enhance our quality of life, providing the space in our minds to ponder over thoughts far removed from the pressures of living today.

For all these reasons and more, it is our philosophy at Earthculture, to bring nature, its beauty and its benefits to you. We thrive in the creation of naturalistic environments to encourage you, your family and friends into a place away from the chores and constraints of the house, everyday.  Whether it be a small Japanese courtyard garden designed to lure you to the ‘Idle stone’ to relax and read or ponder in, or a large stroll garden designed to incorporate entertaining areas divided by a small meandering stream. 

We consider your garden as another room of your property. It is designed and built to expand the horizons of your mind and your livable space. A living area that enjoys the setting sun, a living area to entertain or play in, a living area to enjoy breakfast on a clear spring morning and a living area to sit peacefully in thought, to read, relax or to enjoy a quiet drink. It is a living area that is alive and ever changing.

Our philosophy is to create gardens that bring this sense of nature to your doorstep, your personal retreat. Providing an opportunity for our future generations to understand what nature can offer us and with it an understanding of natures importance within our lives. 

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