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our design process

Creating naturalistic environments to enhance your quality of life

 initial free consultation

original hand drawn designs

face to face

earthculture landscapes

The design process starts with an initial free consultation in which we determine your end objectives. It is important at this early stage that you have an idea, however loose, of what you would like to invest in creating your garden. At this stage we will also determine whether a landscape design is required and to what extent of detail is needed. Once we have a solid understanding of your requirements, we then go away and develop this unique design which is accompanied by a detailed quote.

earthculture landscapes

What sets us apart is that we encourage all landscape concept designs be hand drawn. (It is a labour of love.) As gardens are organic we find that this allows us more freedom and flexibility in our designs as compared to computer generated designs. It is also guaranteed that your landscape design will be unique! 

earthculture landscapes

Then, depending on the detail, we will return to present the landscape design and quote. This is most often the case. It is this personal face-to-face contact that sets us apart from other businesses. Generally for larger projects, there is sometimes a requirement for additional design meetings and these will be charged out at a pre-determined consultation rate.   Take a look in the project gallery for some examples of our designs.

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